Garden of the Gods

Colorado Springs, Colorado is situated about 70 miles south of Denver – an hour’s easy drive on I-25.  It’s a drive worth taking to experience Garden of the Gods, a world class park located smack in the middle of Colorado Springs-style suburbia.  Garden of the Gods is a Registered National Landmark covering approximately 1376 acres of rugged grassland landscape and striking red rock formations.  Considering the fact that 14,115 ft. Pike’s Peak creates the backdrop for the park, the vistas are quite dramatic, too.

The land for the park was donated to the city of Colorado Springs by the Charles Perkins family in 1907 with the stipulation that it remain free to the entire world.  Today, there is still no entrance fee and visitors can enjoy climbing the rocks, walking, running or biking the 15 miles of trails that criss-cross the park or sharing a meal at one of the numerous scenic picnic areas.

We stopped by on a perfect weather day: warm sunshine, high blue skies, 72° F.  It must have been one of the first really nice days of spring because the park was packed with people.  Besides the full parking lots, though, it didn’t feel crowded at all.  Garden of the Gods is spectacular.  Thank you Perkins family and Colorado Springs for being so generous and sharing it with us.











By the way, Tripadvisor recently named Garden of the Gods the #1 park in the U.S. and the #2 park in the world.  It seems that word is getting around about this special place.

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