Julian, California: A Real Slice of Americana

{ Route 78 heading to Julian from Anza-Borrego Desert State Park }

While staying at The Estancia in La Jolla, we were required to utilize the valet parking, an irksome situation I was sure would cramp my exploring style.  However, what originally seemed to be a major nuisance turned out to be a blessing that paid great dividends throughout our trip.  The valets/bellhops were deep, deep wells of information about the San Diego area and surrounding environs and were never too busy to share their knowledge.  The guy who gathered our car for us the morning of our desert road trip recommended a stop in Julian for some California gold mining history and a slice of apple pie.  It was because of his enthusiastic advice that we found ourselves meandering the dolled-up main street on a beautiful late afternoon in early July.  It was the perfect way to end our day.

{ Delicious and ice-cold sangria from the Blue Door }

{ The Smokehouse }

{ Julian Hotel – 1897 }

{ Historic Main Street }

{ Slices of apple pie to go }

{ Leaving Julian on Route 79 }

{ Looking west toward the coast }

{ Heading back to San Diego }


  1. Perhaps, one of the most sound charming small town in California. This is definitely added on my Bucketlist. Mind if I use this link? …. I did it anyways. Hehehe Thanks! 😀

    Lots of nature and ….wood. I love it!

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