An Afternoon of Fish and Burgers

Birch Aquarium at Scripps

The Birch Aquarium, located on a bluff above La Jolla Shores, showcases the underwater world of the Pacific coast of North America.  Although tiny in comparison to the aquarium I’m most familiar with (the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland), its exhibits occupied us for a pleasant few hours on a Friday afternoon.  The colorful fish were a welcome contrast to the June Gloom brooding outside.

The deck at the back of the aquarium offers living tide pools for hands-on interaction with starfish, anemones, and other small critters.  The view of La Jolla Shores and La Jolla Village from there is very nice, too.

{ My big kid ♥ }

{ La Jolla Shores – location of a recent shark sighting }

{ Scripps pier }

The exhibits are all located on one floor, in two separate rooms.  It is the perfect size for smaller children who tire easily and have short attention spans.  If my own children were younger and we lived in the area, I’d definitely purchase a pass.  We could easily while away many hours here watching the fish do what they do.  My favorite exhibits were the jellyfish, the sea horses, and the small nurseries showing tiny new jellies and other baby creatures.  I thought the kelp forest was oddly soothing and had seating that encouraged extended viewing.

{ The sea dragons were shy and very skitterish which made for difficult picture taking. }

I left the aquarium marveling at the gorgeous range of colors displayed by the incredibly diverse aquatic creatures and plants.  Once again, I was reminded of the beauty, harmony, and thoughtful design of creation.

The Burger Lounge

By the time we had finished touring the aquarium, the sun had chased the June Gloom away and we are starving.  We headed to the Burger Lounge, a hip and not really fast food joint with several locations in San Diego and Los Angeles.  What fast food place serves grass-fed beef burgers, free-range turkey burgers, and salmon burgers on real plates with glass cups for beverages – alcoholic and otherwise?  We chose the beef burgers, with fries and onion rings, and cold Mexican Cokes in glass bottles – solid choices but not very adventurous.   For dessert, we ordered thick milkshakes crowned with whipped cream.  Everything was delicious!  I’m still singing the onion rings’ praises.

{ A testament to the quality of the food. }

{ Great spot for people watching }

{ June Gloom never lasts long inLa Jolla. }

After completely stuffing ourselves, the only thing we were good for was relaxing by the pool at the hotel.  So, that’s exactly what we did for the rest of the evening.

Another great day in California.


    • Thank you so much. San Diego is a beautiful area and a pleasure to photograph. And the weather – perfect. If I didn’t love where I live so much, I could easy settle down in Southern California.

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