The Boys of Summer at PETCO Park

My husband has played or coached baseball for most of his life and his zealous appreciation for the game has impacted our entire family.  We all enjoy the sound of the crack of the ball against a bat, the junk food, and the seventh inning stretch at the ballpark on a summer evening.  As soon as we knew we’d be heading to San Diego, we checked out the Padres schedule to see if a game fit into our itinerary.  It did!  We bought tickets for great seats at third base and anticipated a fun night at PETCO Park.

It was a gorgeous evening for the game – sunny and just chilly enough for a sweatshirt.  The stadium is beautiful and our seats really were fantastic.  The Padres were playing the Seattle Mariners and because neither of us were emotionally invested in the game (Go Phillies!!), we were able to just relax and enjoy the atmosphere.  We listened to an incredible rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner, ate soft pretzels and nachos, did the Wave, and sang Take Me Out To the Ballgame at the top of our lungs.  A great time was had by all.  Well, maybe not all.  The Mariners did win  5 – 1.  Padres fans were sporting some pretty long faces…

{ Palm trees growing on the roof }

{ King Felix Hernandez – The Big Cat with Cameron Maybin on 1st base}

{ Chase Headley }

{ Chase Headley at 3rd base }

{ Ichiro Suzuki }

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