Whimsey Pie

Melanie from http://luv4wickless.wordpress.com/about/ has recently nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.  I was very honored that she considered Whimsey Pie and Wandrin’ Round worthy but I’m not sure if I can fulfill the requirements of the reward.  These are: 1) Share seven things about myself; 2) Nominate 15 blogs that I admire; and 3) Contact those bloggers and let them know.  The seven things about myself I can handle. Contacting the fifteen bloggers might be a problem.  It’s not that I don’t read other blogs.  I do – often.  But I’m very random about it.  My modus operandi  is to go to Topics on the WordPress home page and pick tags that interest me (food, books, travel, photography, etc.) and just read the latest posts.  Unfortunately, I don’t keep track of what lovely blogs I’ve wandered into and I’ve only recently started following other blogs.  All that to say, I’ll do my best with the fifteen…

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